The passion for stones & minerals let us travel around the globe, makes us hunt in the dust of mines or bargain on fairs and markets. But if we finally have got what we were looking for – do we really make the best out of it?

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    You want to store your findings, set up your showcase and present your treasures to your friends with the same passion & success like finding them…

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    Gem Dealers

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    You want to fascinate your potential customer with new presentation forms & gadgets. You want to highlight your display cases, shop windows & showrooms…


The Problems

Many types of stones do not show their beauty in artificial or even strong sunlight. Just think about colour, transparency, rare inclusions, inner crystal-structure, or guest crystals. This leads to two main problems:

1. Many stones like dark spinel, sapphire or ruby, tourmaline or achate, rare painite or serendibite, amber with inclusions, etc. do not automatically attract attention from friends & customers. The big questions:

• How to light up these stones?
• How to easily demonstrate the colour or fire of gems?
• How to make colour-zoning, guest crystals, etc. visible without effort?

2. To really see the stones & check details, people want to take the stones out of the save box to hold it against the sun or torch light. That means:

• Cleaning stone before placeing back in box
• Wasting time with new positioning the stone
• Constant fear of stones falling on the floor/ breaking
• Danger of stealing while exhibiting on a fair

The Solution

As passionate gem collectors and sellers we had exactly these problems. So we searched for new solutions – and invented the utility patented luxxbox®. A gembox with integrated natural white LED backlight. Run by ordinary AAA batteries. Go up to 300 hours of continuous lightening with only one pack.

The Result

is just great. See the photos with various minerals, gemstones and amber on the gallery page!


The brand new gembox for collectors, gem dealers and jewellers.
Light up the soul of your gems.


The big advantages of the luxxbox®

Present your stones to your friends in a completely new way and fascinate them. Switch on the light will cause a big surprise. Or just have new fun with your collection yourself.

Using the luxxbox at your booth will attract new customers as it looks so different. You will stand out of the masses.

Selling with the luxxbox will be more fast & easy. Your customers see more details of the stones. So they can focus on asking for that ones they are really interested in.

The luxxbox also is a great testing instrument. Use it for quick checking of clearness, colour, inclusions, etc.

With the luxxbox you can find hidden treasures in your collection. E.g. colour changing stones can easily be identified. We discovered for example some rare colour changing garnets & sapphires in a big lot of waterrounded mixed minerals from Burma.

What kind of minerals, gems & others are great to use with the luxxbox


Dark spinel, ruby & sapphire, tourmaline, agate, garnet, painite, serendibite and many, many more. Please see the complete A-Z list below.


All kind of amber/burmite with inclusions like insects, seeds, sand, plants, etc. The piece should not be too light (the darker the better).


Colour changing stones like alexandrite, garnet, sapphire or spinel. Other colour changing stones like diaspore should work also, but we didn’t test them up to now.


Dark spinel, ruby & sapphire, tourmaline, kornerrupin, zircon, garnet, emerald, moldavite and many, many more. Please see the complete A-Z list below.


Great for pendants or earrings with tourmaline slices, richterit, sugilith and many other translucent stones. Please see the complete A-Z list below.


Colourless minerals or crystals like quartz or diamond. Light-coloured stones like yellow sapphire, pale blue or rosé spinel / sapphire. Opak gems & minerals.

Suitable Gems & Minerals for the luxxbox (in alphabetical order):

The stones must be (partly) translucent (a tiny translucency is enough). The Luxxbox does not work with completely opaque stones. The Luxxbox is also very good to show the colour change of gems. This list is not complete yet; these are only the stones we tested until now with the luxxbox.

Agate, Alexandrite, Aktinolite, Amethyst, Anatase Gem, Andalusite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Axinite

Baddeleyite Gem, Burmite (oldest & hardest Amber), Beryl, Brookite
Calcite, Carnelian, Cassiterite Gem Chrysoberyl, Chrysopras, Cobalt Spinel, Cordierite
Danburite, Demantoide (Garnet), Chrome-Diaspore, (Chrome)-Diopside, Dioptase, Dumortierite Gem
Ekanite, Emerald, Enstatite, Epidote
Fibrolite, Fluorite
Garnet (Almandine, Andradite, Grossular, Mali, Pyrope, Vanadium Garnet, Bekily Garnet (colour changing)), Grandidierite
Hauyne / Hauynite, Hibonite Gem
Jade, Jadeite
Kornerupine, Kyanite
Larimar, Liddicoatite (rare Tourmaline)
Moldavite, Moss Agate
Painite, Pargasite, Parisite, Peridot, Poudretteite, Prasem
Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Richterite, Ruby, Rutile Gem, Rutile-Quarz, Rutile-Topaz
Sapphire, Sapphirine, Serendibite (all colours), Sinhalite, Scapolite, Sodalite Gem, Sphene, Spinel, Spodumene, Sugilite
Taaffeite, Tanzanite, Thorite green, Titanite, Topaz, Tremolite, Trapiche Quarz, Trapiche Ruby, Trapiche Sapphire, Trapiche Spinel,Tsavorite (Garnet), Tourmaline, (Dravite, Elbaite, Indigolite, Rubellite, Verdelite, Watermelon / multicolor), Tourmaline Quarz
Variscite, Vesuvianite
Zircon, Zoisite Gem

Purchasable accessories

suitable for 20 luxxboxes, outside: blackleather imitation, inside: coated with black velvet texture.
Dimensions: l/ w/ h = 28.0 x 23.0 x 3.3 cm, weight = 590g
Completely removable cap with magnetic lock for use as gem-tray. (see photos above)

Perfect to use for exact positioning & fixing of very small and/ or dark gemstones (facetted or cabochon).
One set consists of 8 paper cards with different sizes of centrally positioned round and oval holes. The cards are placed in the luxxbox above the cotton pad. (see photos above)

A very useful accessory! Like a distance ring the height extender will be stacked between box bottom and top and gives a plus in height of ca. 7mm.
So, now also taller objects like minerals, gems or amber can be presented in the luxxbox. If necessary, you also can stack two extenders above. (= a plus of 1,4cm in height).

More product information

Dimensions: length /weight/ height = 50 x 50 x 21 mm
Material: box: hard plastic; window: glass
Interior fittings: Soft cotton pad (several layers)
Overall weight: 30 gram (without batteries)
Batteries: 2 x Mignon AAA batteries
Backlight: LED lamp (no heat development) with neutral white light

Beside the size it basically depends on the individual form (ball-/ slice-/lens-shaped, etc.) of the mineral, rough stone or the cut of the facetted gem. The following dimensions can be taken as a rough guide (Please note that these dimensions are non-binding, and only serve the purpose of orientation)

Slice-shaped: for a diameter below 10mm: max. thickness ≈ 6mm (like tourmaline) for a diameter of 15-40mm: max thickness ≈ 4mm maximum diameter: 40mm
Ball-shaped: max. ball diameter ≈ 8mm
Facetted gems: maximum length / width or diameter ≈ around 13mm, maximum overall height ≈ 8mm


The brand new gembox for collectors, gem dealers and jewellers.
Light up the soul of your gems.


Using the luxxbox is very simple.

Open the luxxbox and position your mineral or gemstone inside in the centre of the box.
If your jewel is quite big take out some layers of the cotton.
Close the luxxbox and operate the on-off switch on the backside. Ready!

Want to know more: See the movie!


Illuminating your collection or stock with the luxxbox is like re-discovering it in a completely new way.

Seemingly unimposing stones like dark ruby, sapphire or emerald appears in new light and intense colour. Apparently opak serendibite turns to breath-taking bluish, dark painite to red. And in amber, topaz or quartz suddenly new inclusions or guest-crystals can be identified.

By using the luxxbox we really have fascinated our mineral colleagues, our friends and our customers.
If you want so see more, check out the gallery below: stones with and without the luxxbox backlight. The difference is fascinating.

A still small selection of the wide range of stones especially suitable for the luxxbox. More will follow.
All photos been taken by us using a Canon EOS 600 D with objective EF 100mm 1:2,8 Makro USM.


Behind luxxbox® you find two people: Armin & Daniela. We are a German couple which is infected by the gem collecting fever since many years.

As passionate mineral hunters we travelled all around the world like Vietnam, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar or Brasil to find the rare & beautiful.

But presenting parts of our new findings & treasures was not always easy. Some stones & minerals have been too dark, too small or to complicate to show in detail for fascinating our friends and colleagues.

So, inventing the luxxbox was effectively the result of our investigation and constant improvement of a tool to highlight the soul of gems & minerals. Now we are happy to share the result with you.

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